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No Church for Old Men

jaded:  1.dulledorsatiatedbyoverindulgence:ajadedappetite. 2. wornoutorwearied,asbyoverworkoroveruse. 3. dissipated:ajadedreprobate.
The truth is it's not your age, it's your mileage. But don't tell the latest fixers of the church that. In an effort to bring youth to the ranks of the ordained, my home Texas Annual Conference will be voting on an item that our Board of Ordained Ministry hopes will help the church.

They are providing age guidelines, from certified Lay Pastors to Licensed Local Pastors, Deacons, and Elders. While some are clearly wary of what looks like ageism, other bloggers serving on this committee advocate what will be a proposal before us at this May's Annual Conference.

These age guides mean that "Candidates over 45 should be encouraged" not to pursue the ordination process. There's a lot of debate about ageism not being the intent here. But once a perception is cast, does it really matter? Whatever the intention was so to renew, rebu…

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