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Practicing Appreciation

Our capacity for appreciation is a function of the "human" brain over the reptilian, at least for the times we choose to exercise our God- given capacity for wonder and appreciation. Appreciation is worthy of its description as one of the transcendent emotions, because it can foster profound moments of connection with something greater than ourselves

Appreciation allows us to be human, to love, to calm down, and better endure difficult times.  

When I served as a labor coach for my expectant wife, I was to make sure that her focal point was available, that is, a photo of her beloved kitty cat. Why? Because the sight was comforting and peace-giving to her, even in the most difficult pain of her labor.
Appreciation counteracts our natural tendency of adaptation to good things (the animal brain)- try making a regular list of all the things taken for granted.  

There are two ways to experience appreciation: one, we practice it daily or, two, we undergo the loss of blessings- and…