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Our Destination in True Love

"All shall be well, and you yourself shall see every manner of thing will be well."  Julian of Norwich
Her Revelations of Divine Love is the first book written in the English language by a woman; ironic that we don't have a name for the anchoress and spiritual director of St. Julian in Norwich. 
The 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher series gives you a chance to pray with the greatest writings in Christian Spirituality. Excerpts from All Will Be Well:

Do not accuse yourself too much or think that your distress and woe is due to your fault. Whatever you do, suffering will be your lot. This place is a prison, and life a penance. But that penance need not be in vain, and we rejoice already in the cure. And the cure is that God is with us guarding us and guiding us into the fullness of joy.
God wills that, of all the qualities of the blessed Trinity, we should be most certain of and take most delight in is his love. 
God is our way, our destination in true love. 
Above a…

Gift Therapy: Choose to Walk-On

A recent viewing of The Pianist powerfully reinforced what I recall from the amazing  Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Coming out of the cauldron of surviving Auschwitz, Frankl developed what he called logotherapy. The task of this therapy is to identify a purpose in life to feel positively about, and then immerse oneself in imagining that outcome. That purpose no one and nothing can take away from you. The Pianist is an riveting retelling of Polish concert pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman's surviving the Nazi atrocities inflicted on the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto in WW II. Unable to play for years, he survived in part, by performing his beloved Chopin in his imagination.

Now, a life's purpose is almost a given in describing at least part of our mental hygiene. The popularity of The Purpose Driven Life indicates general acceptance of what Frankl pioneered in 1946.  
A more contemporary exploration is Well Being, a Gallup publication which concludes that "engagem…