Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clergy Ethics Well Explained

Psyche and Spirit is one of the best resources I know for the stuff they didn't cover in seminary, things they told you that you couldn't hear, or maybe just didn't want to hear at the time. In a recent post, the email journal listed characteristics of the most ethical pastors:
  1. Respecting confidentiality
  2. Keeping good boundaries
  3. Following sound protocols based on best practices
  4. Not violating best practices even when tempted to do so
  5. Encouraging best practices in others
  6. Respect for others' feelings
  7. Restraint from speaking ill of others
  8. Honest and clear about how congregational resources of time and money are used
The authors go on by saying this about the most ethical pastors, " They don't put personal purchases on the church tab. They don't act as if the ends justify the means. They don't misuse continuing education time. They don't lead by manipulation or intimidation. They don't hijack meetings for their own ends."

Do you know of any organizations lifting up pastors or congregations for being particularly ethical? If you know of any, please let them know at Psyche and Spirit. " And consider how you might personally lift up others for their high ethical standards."

Thanks to Psyche and Spirit for their on-going and helpful ministry to clergy and the congregations we serve!

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