Monday, April 12, 2010

"Undercover" Is a Good Teacher

The lesson from last night's Undercover Boss: If you know what people value, then you can recognize, reward, and affirm them in a way that matters to them. It doesn't have to work for you. What truly motivates others may surprise us- so what? What the chiefs are learning in this series is that leadership is strengthened and not sacrificed when you start with appreciating what others value in their job. For one of the better books on this topic, see How Full is Your Bucket.

An effective method of doing undercover church is to send your first impression team members (and go once yourself if possible) to churches they have never ever been before and to have them share their experiences of being the guest or visitor. Instead of doing a long questionnaire, just have them remember two things about it: what they did and did not appreciate.

Not only will they return with a new found appreciation for their spiritual home, but also, they will have a sensitivity and compassion for what it feels like to be in a strange place. It's hard being a church guest, or if you will, a church shopper; looking for the right fit could last several months. The journey itself requires an honest look at yourself and your spiritual needs, and looking beyond what the regulars cannot see: our difficulties and limitations in offering Christ's hospitality.

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