Thursday, March 18, 2010

You ARE a New Species: This Week's Moravian Watchword

I wonder if we really believed in God's loving grace to recreate us, would we then grow into and become the new species that we, in reality, are in Christ? The challenge becomes the terrible freedom of our living and trusting and choosing God's new creation in us. How to nurture that new species is the question.

The new has already happened in Christ! II Corinthians 5:17 It's our choosing it that becomes the essence, the underneath, of our prayer and spiritual practice. Our movement away or toward God is the key. So we ask, what moves me away from, or moves me toward, God's recreation of the new me?

I appreciate the choice for this week's Watchword from the Moravian tradition. Watchwords are meant to be encouragements to live out the faith in light of God's promises. Sometimes this requires to look deeper at why what is working is helpful and why what is not is a drain. So at this point of Lent, we do well to reflect on the disciplines and how they're working for our benefit. And especially, if what we have chosen is helping us with being a new species in Christ.

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