Friday, July 22, 2022

Being an Online Guest: Nashville's GracePoint

I like attending GracePoint's online worship. Here's a short list of what I appreciated in this worshipping community.
* My struggle to believe and fully trust God, are not judged as weak or inadequate; my experience is valued. 
* Preachers and topics are shown in weekly email. 
* The musical melodies are not familiar. It was refreshing to hear something new.  
* I am not asked to sing songs that I honestly cannot believe nor pretend that I do. 
* Everyone was worshipping online- not sure if this was due to the spike in Covid-19 variants. This gave the sense that we are all in this together.
* Beyond a simple, one- time registration, I could focus on the service
* The church partners with community needs in concrete acts of doing justice and loving mercy. 

This church is self-defined as "Progressive Christianity," and there's an absence of the classic creeds as well as the familiar hymns. There is a belief presented, for example, regarding what the Bible is and is not.  To be honest, what is stated is also a tradition, just not the one of contemporary Evangelical Christianity. 

While using the right and agreed upon words has always been central in Christian faith (for example, the Bible is the Word of God), what is understood by those words? What do they mean?  Asking question will take us beyond ascent. What is genuine faith if it is not an honest searching for the core beneath, even beyond the correct words and phrases. 


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