Monday, February 11, 2008

Gratitude and Energy Level

Researchers at The University of California, Davis, compared the results of keeping a daily gratitude journal with a control group and then measured emotional, physical, and social well being over a three week time frame. The subjects, all who suffered from a neuromuscular, chronic disease, reported:

1. Significantly higher levels of positive emotions in the gratitude group.
2. No difference in negative emotions.
3. Significantly higher positive effects for life appraisal, such as connection to others, life as a whole, and the upcoming day
4. MORE HOURS OF SLEEP! ALMOST ONE FULL HOUR OF SLEEP for those in the gratitude group.
5. No more exercise and no effect for pain was reported.

#4 is amazing! Just think what your energy level could be with almost one more hour of sleep per night!!

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