Monday, December 7, 2009

Call Greed Freedum- Works for Him

What's the Christmas season without a weekly mass mailing opposing any health care reform for the benefit of the millions of men, women, and children without a family doctor? To update you on a continuing saga, I received this last weekend a thick envelop asking me, ME, to help pay for Congressman's crusade against health care reform.

I know he's just doing his job, and representing all the good folks who already have had the blessing of a physician all or most their lives. All the people who've had their lawn cut and fertilized lately. Heck, I know him and he's a fine guy. Likable too. John Culbertson, R-Texas.

But his arguments lead to the black hole of adding more uninsured and raising my premiums. All so that I can make a pledge of my dollars to those who engineered the mess? And logically, economically, and morally, he's saying that when it comes to war- questionable ones like Iraq- and hand-outs for multi billion dollar criminal men, we'll do it. We will fork it over, Congressman, won't we? But getting better health care for an American citizenry without a doctor, how is THAT supposed to be the line in your freedum's sand?!

Please, just once have a thought not generated by your corporate sponsors. Do something that is even closer to the country as a whole. But don't ask me to pay for their propaganda.

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