Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Irrelevance of Yankee-dom

As a long-time Cleveland fan living in Texas, I will long remember a visit with my son to Jacobs field a few years back. The Yankees were playing the Indians, and as chance would have it, the Indians came back to soundly beat NY later in the game.

The obnoxious and out-of-place (but clueless) Yankee fans sashayed back to their daze inns, muzzled and stunned with bewilderment. It was pure delight as dozens of NY tees filed into travel lodges; they had stayed over just to see the spectacle of losing a bad one.

The Couch Slouch column of a couple of days ago, reminded me of how fun it is to see the Yankees fail AT THEIR OWN GAME whenever they do. With that in mind, I smile when I think about:

  1. People whining about not winning another (91st?) World Series
  2. Hundreds of millions and no playoffs? Priceless
  3. "Here come the Yankees" shrieked with every base hit
  4. The plague of the merciless marauding midges
  5. CC has had his best year
  7. Go Rays- the team to beat
  8. ESPN's 24/7 A-Rod crawler
  9. Most of your guys who had a prime are past it
  10. Joe Torre in the playoffs with the barely mediocre Dodgers!!

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