Thursday, December 11, 2008

Visual Violence Reflection

After seeing two current films, I'd have to say, wow, I'm impressed with the level, intensity, and regularity of violence and killing and gore. Most of us are rightly concerned as parents when it comes to exposing our kids to needless violence, regardless of the media, but here, I'm wondering about the harm it may cause adults!

I expected a heavy dose of it when I went to see The Punisher with my college-aged son- it was his choice. And , of course, the title is a warning. While the plot was comic book quality, the actual violence exceeded the war epic, The 300. Is it because the technology can do so many more things or just that we are immune -or addicted- to so much destruction and killing and harm? A reflection of real life? I don't think so!

I'm not judging anyone because I was the one who suggested that my wife and I see "Quantum of Solace," remembering how we had enjoyed James Bond movies of yesteryear. With James Bond as our control, current movies are on steroids in terms of visual violence and glory gory killing. Enjoy the race scenes as always, but learn how and when to close your eyes!

I think video games have, in part, gotten us to where we are. Is it the price of progress? Better special effects and the "wow" or rush value traded off for something that is killed inside of us, like living with less violence and spiritual sensitivities like compassion?

Maybe this is all just a taste issue, or some olders like me being a little too serious. As The Godfather or The Matrix or Star Wars are some of my favorites, I admit that they are far from harmless. But is this what I really want my spirit and my world to absorb??

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